The Road to Developing the One-of-a-Kind Signature iCON Sim Racing Chassis

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iCON Sim Sports is a small, family owned and operated custom sim racing chassis and accessories company that began its roots in Los Angeles, California back in 2018. However, it wasn’t until the family relocated to the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Fl area in 2019 when the iCON entity really came into fruition and started to get noticed by the sim racing community. iCON Sim Sports started as the brainchild of Rob Nellor, who after he had discovered sim racing, had bought his first sim racing chassis. Being a former track racer in his younger years, Rob realized that there were style, quality, functionality and production elements he wanted in a sim racing chassis, that SHOULD be in a quality, high-end sim chassis. Nothing that he was looking for was to be found in the market, thus iCON Sim Sports was born. Rob began drafting a unique sim chassis design (patent-pending) and started production on the prototypes soon thereafter. With over 30 years extensive experience in heavy auto constructive repair, precision engineering, fabrication and powder-coating, everything Rob hand-crafts and produces for iCON is of superior quality, uniqueness and passion from the heart. Together with members of his family, iCON Sim Sports aims to bring the sim racing community a one-of-a-kind fixed chassis experience like no other, while exemplifying extraordinary customer service to its patrons.

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